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Samuel Welter – The Pedorthist

You have heard of the Lord of the Dance, and the Feet of Flames, now let us introduce you to Samuel Welter Pedorthist, the Lord of the Shoes. Samuel (Sam) is from Cologne, West Germany and came to Ireland in 2015 to work with another shoe specialist company, Tuttys Handmade Shoes.

Sam is a pedorthist – " What is a pedorthist? " you might ask.

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We offer

Best orthopaedic footwear in Ireland. Read the following for details.

Orthopaedic Shoes
Orthopaedic Handmade Shoes

Whether you have pain or deformities, which require support or relief for your feet, we make the perfect shoes for the job.

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Diabethic Comfort Shoes
Diabetic Handmade Shoes

Many people with diabetes have very special requirements for their footwear. In some cases due to nerve damage the feet are unaware of pressure, often resulting in ulcureted feet.

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Lasts for handmade shoes
Bespoke Handmade Shoes

Hand made bespoke shoes – Why? Because you’re worth it. The fit is so comfortable, it’s simply incomparable.

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Comfort Shoes
Therapy Shoes

What is a therapy shoe? A therapy shoe is beside the handmade shoes another solution to the problems you’re experiencing with your feet!

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Handmade Orthotics

Your doctor or physiotherapist can prescribe professional handmade orthotics tailored to provide relief from your complaints!

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Old schoes
Shoe Modifications

As a master orthopaedic shoemaker, Samuel Welter is an expert in optimising your shoes to your personal requirements.

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8th World Congress of Biomechanics

8-12 July, 2018 Dublin Ireland - Welter's Personalised Foootwear as exhibitor onsite



This is our marvelous team in Naas and Dublin

Samuel Welter
Samuel Welter

Since beginning of 2017 at Welter’s. Educations at Senior Orthopaedic Shoe Technician Master (advanced Pedorthist), worked as master craftsman in several countries around the world

Samuel Welter
Liz Dunbar
Liz Dunbar
Business Manager

Liz joined us in June 2017 with experience in the Irish banking world, customer relations and her comprehensive knowledge about healthcare in Ireland to Welter’s

Liz Dunbar
Christoph Welter
Christoph Welter

Since October 2016 at Welter’s for all belongings behind the scene. Educations as Diplom Betriebswirt (VWA) Focus in healthcare, Project Management Associate (IPMA) and Mediator

Christoph Welter
Vinicius Baez
Vinicius Baez

Craftsman at Welter’s since June 2017. His passion is to learn every day something useful to help people to walk in a better way

Vinicius Baez
Awater Man
Heinrich Welter
Awater Man
Maybe YOU

Wir suchen für das Jahr 2018 einen in Deutschland ausgebildeten (Orthopaedie) Schuhmacher. Er sollte Spass daran haben im englischsprachigen Ausland, in einem Familenbetrieb zu arbeiten.

Maybe YOU

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